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Red Sickle Hooks - Size 2 - 100 Pack- Only $11.95

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-There are several pictures below describing our different style an d size Red Octopus Hooks

-100 size 2 Sickle Hooks in a pile

- single size 2 sickle by the ruler shows that they are about an inch in length

-to the right is a size 2 sickle next to s size 6 sickle

- below, a size 2 sickle is just about the same size as a size 2 Octopus 

- the two hooks to the right are a size 2 inside a size 0 sickle and below to the left are all 4 hooks of the hooks we offer: Octopus size 4, Octopus size 2, Sickle size 8 and a Sickle size 0

- Some say that a sickle hook is better than Octopus hooks but I'm not 100% convinced but I'll be comparing how they both hook up this summer!

 - 3 hooks are all size 2

-occasionally there may be a not so perfect hook in your package or occasional we might be a hook or two short?  We generally add a couple extra in every bag but if you are shorted, please let us know and in your next order, we’ll throw in a few to make up the shortage . Thank you for understanding