Spinners - Beaded Ring #3 pink
Beads - 500 Assorted 4 & 5mm Premium Beads- Regular price $9.95 *Great for all Fishing
Jet Dodger - Kokopros Jets- Copper Color Plated Steel- 5 Packs ***Comes w/ all the hardware-*DIY KIT
Dodgers Blanks
Fishing Jigs
Flasher - 8 1/2 inch Luminous Wonder Flasher
STRIKER™ 4, With Dual-beam Transducer
Hoochie LUMINOUS Micro Hoochie #3
Hoochie - Lt Pink #1 Luminous Octopus Hoochie with Pink Spinner Blade- 6cm
Hooks - Size 4 Red Octopus Pre-tied Hooks- 5-Pack (adding this item, won’t change shipping)
Teton Tackle Ice Fishing Jigs (6-Pack - 3 of them GLOW!)
Jet Dodgers
KOKOPROS UV Micro Shrimp Series
MICRO LUMINOUS 4.5 cm Squid Skirts - 5-PACK ( Click to see colors )
Shrimp - UV Dyed Kokanee Shrimp #1 (5-Pack) Orange
Kits- Salmon Hoochie's with 4/0 Octopus Hooks tied on 40 Lb Test Trilene Big Game Line and Hammered Nickel Colorado Spinner Blades
Salmon Fishing Tackle
Squid Skirts - REGULAR LUMINOUS 5.5 to 6cm Squid Skirts - 5-PACK (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)
Stickers - laser reflective stickers 5 pack