Our Story


Jim and Rod, lifelong friends and fishing companions for four decades, shared countless memorable fishing adventures that have spanned various locations. From the scenic landscapes of Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Utah, California, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska to international waters, their passion for fishing has taken them far and wide. 

While the thrill of fishing trips has always been a highlight, they've come to realize that travel isn't always a necessity for an exceptional angling experience. Jim's residence in Montana boasts proximity to some of the finest bass fishing waters in the nation, while Rod's home in Utah is conveniently located less than two miles from the boat ramp at Flaming Gorge.

For years, the duo has honed their skills, crafting their own tackle and honing in on Kokanee at locations like Strawberry and Flaming Gorge in Utah. Now, in their retirement, the natural progression was to transform their beloved hobby into a business venture. Enter Teton Tackle, where their shared dream is to offer customers top-notch products at an affordable price.

At Teton Tackle the mission is to make shopping a breeze for both seasoned experts and enthusiastic novices alike. Beyond providing quality fishing gear, Jim and Rod aspire to cultivate a community where customer aren't just patrons but friends, They encourage the sharing of ideas and, of course, the exchange of those epic fish stories that bind anglers together.