KOKOPROS UV Micro Shrimp Series

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🌈 Why choose Kokopros UV Micro Shrimp? ✨ Irresistible UV Glow: Our micro shrimp are designed with a special UV coating that lures Kokanee salmon from far and wide. Watch as your line lights up underwater, attracting these beautiful silver torpedoes straight to your hook!

✨ Versatile for All Conditions: When trolling for Kokanee Salmon, Kokopros UV Micro Shrimp is your go-to choice. Tested and proven in various conditions, these lures adapt to the environment, giving you an edge in any fishing scenario.

✨ Easy to Use: No need to be a professional angler! Kokopros UV Micro Shrimp is beginner-friendly, allowing everyone to enjoy the excitement of Kokanee fishing. simply attach to your trolling dodger and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

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