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Kokopros HyperGlow Red Dot Stickers for our 5 1/2" Teardrop Dodgers- 5-pack

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-This HyperGlow Sticker was Pre-Cut for our 5 1/2" Teardrop Dodger and it works great! However, Rod decided to apply it to our Kokopros Golden Jet and low and behold, it nailed em, big time!

-Paired with our Ghost White Micro Shrimp he hooked 12 Kokanee, kept 4 and  8 were on Kokopros Golden Jet set up...Impressive !  Not every day he did as well but it worked as good or better than anything did over those few days!

-I made a copy of his design below and did my best to make it look right and put one on our Kokopros Teardrop and another on our Skateboard  one to our Teardrp and another to our 4 3/4" Skateboad.

- Frankly, I believe this HyperGlow Sticker will work on any Dodger you put it on.