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A+ LUMINOUS Hoochie #1 - LIGHT PINK with PINK Spinner Blade

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LIGHT PINK Luminous 5cm Octopus Hoochie #1 (One of our Best Hoochies!)

Includes 2) Super Sharp Red Octopus Size 2 hooks tied w/ 15 Lb. test CXX XTRA STRONG P-LINE,  3) 5 mm filler beads, Custom Matching Beads, 1) Folded Clevis and a Size 1 Indiana Hot Pink Spinner Blade.

Make sure you shine your UV Blacklight on it for at least 30/45 seconds or longer!  If you don't get hit within 10/15 minutes, bring it in and shine the Blacklight on it for another 30/45 seconds and drop it right back down.