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A+ DIY Hoochie Kit # 2 w/UV Blacklight

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* This Kit will allow you to make over 100 hoochies and Engagement Rings ( similar to Mack’s wedding rings) and if you tie some straight needed rings, and use  a single hook and without Spinner blades, you can make even more! 

This Kit is mostly for the die hard hoochie fisherman  with a bit of old school,  jeweled  rings ( similar to Mack’s wedding rings)
this Kit is an absolutely Great Kit for long term Kokanee and Trout fishermen so it’s almost impossible to beat our Kits!  The cost per lure is just a little over a $1.00 for each one, compared to around $4.00 average from tied lures... 

Our competitors have their new plastic thing a ma jigs but until we fish them, and can honestly say, they’ll out fish our proven hoochie’s and shrimp!
it’s my opinion that they’re designed to sell fishermen because I’ve bought hundreds of lures because the manufactures said they were they best thing since sliced bread!!!
** This is one of the Best Values we have! Just look at how much we’re giving you? We’re giving you everything you need to make 100 Hoochies! 90 are Luminous!  Also 2-sizes of Beaded rings (4-8 mm Engagement Rings and (4-6 mm Promise Rings! Plus and extra 52 hooks so if you make some with only one oh ok you can make 116 ! Enough to give away a few to your all your fishing buddies ,twould appreciate them!
to me, I’m excited to be able to help everybody design their own creations which I believe will make Fishing  that much more Fun, catching fish in lures you designed!
In addition, we’re now adding our UV Blacklight to shine on the 90 Luminous Squids which I guarantee will help bring more fish to your squids, I promise! here’s what you should do, shine your light on your hoochie for about 45 seconds  and it’ll stay bright for at least a good 10 to 15 minutes and if you don’t get hit, bring it up and swap it out with another Luminous hoochie! , in a different color and at some point in time, you’ll find a Hoochie or Shrimp color that works!  It’s what Kokanee fishing is all about!
Remember, while you’re bringing up the other hoochie, have the light be shining on the new hoochie you’re planning on dropping down next.
Plus, if you don’t have our HyperGlow Stickers, you really need to buy some! and put them over your old teardrops/sling blades and buy our glow fish and skeletons to put over your Dakota Dodger too! For
only $7.00 for 10, it’s like having brand new Dodgers
Using UV And Luminous tackle will increase your odds tremendously, so get on board and stock up! 
here’s what you’re going to receive! 
- (50) 5cm Squid Skirts (All are Luminous)
- (40) Luminous 4.5 cm Micro Squid Skirts
- (10) Red Glow Eye 4.5 cm Micro Squid Skirts
- (108)Size 2 Red Octopus Hooks
- (108)Size 4 Red Octopus Hooks 
- (108)Size 1 Indiana Spinner Blades (Assorted Colors)
- (116) 6mm Beads (Assorted Colors)
- (352)4 & 5mm Beads (Assorted Colors)
- (16) jeweled Rings ( similar to Mack’s wedding rings)
- (108) Size 1 Folded Clevis’ 
- (Clear Stowaway Organizer)
As part of this kit, you also get 2-FREE 5cm Hoochie’s and 1-FREE Beaded Engagement Ring ( Similar to Mack’s Wedding Rings) 

All of our Hoochie’s hooked Kokanee this summer! But what we want is for you to create your own designs!
With the gear you’re buying and when you catch Kokanee, please take some pictures of your Hoochie in the fishes mouth and we’ll put your name in a drawing for one of our Custom Kokanee Fishing Rods!
”FISH THE BLUE” and other Free Gear! ( Hats, Knives, Wildlife Prints on Canvass)
Good Luck and Happy Holidays!